Tuesday, March 19, 2002

35 Canadian Athletes to Run Across the Irish Countryside

Athletics Canada today announced the make-up of Canada's team for the World XC meet in Dublin, Ireland this weekend.

Unfortunately, as in the past too many years, the funding provided is not adequate to cover the entire team.

As a result, only 12 athletes out of the 35 are funded and 23 are self-funded.

How is it that Canada can host an event - the Francophonie Games last year - where we paid the way of athletes from other countries to come to Canada to compete, but we cannot fund our own athletes when they compete in a World Championship event?

How is it that we have the money to have a party on Parliament Hill to celebrate our Winter Olympic success but we ask athletes to pay their own way to represent Canada?

Our new sports minister and his office have not responded to questions on this topic. Possibly they are too busy getting organized for the Hill party.

Only in Canada, you say....