Saturday, April 20, 2002

Olympics: COA approves funding based on performance
'Short-sighted motion': Olympic association will reward athletes who win medals.

From today's National Post at

The association also raised the bar for inclusion on Canada's Olympic teams. Athletes now must place at least 12th in the world in their event, up from 16th, even if they qualify for the Olympics by international standards.
As was proven at the recent winter Olympics many nations of the world who have produced world top 12 performances use illegal drugs and/or doping. Does no-one at the COA realize that they are indirectly encouraging our athletes to do the same by measuring our performances against those of countries who use drugs.

In one of two hotly debated motions, the association decided to change its funding structure to reward sports that produce medal finishes.
Oh great! More money for hockey, curling and figure skating. The first two most likley have the minimum country participation of any Olympic sports and the third is not even a "sport", it is an art form.
Rather than funding and promoting the sports which have the greatest world wide participation and in which winning a medal actually means something, we will focus on hockey where we are guaranteed a medal or at worst a 4th place finish.
This is so typically